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Aristocrat Cryptogram(贵族密码)是游戏爱好者开发的一款欢乐的休闲益智类手机游戏,自由升级游戏模式,给你一种爱不释手的感受!如果有需要体验休闲益智相关游戏的小伙伴,可以下载Aristocrat Cryptogram(贵族密码)手机游戏,一起来围观咯!

Aristocrat Cryptogram(贵族密码) 5.28.87高级版


贵族密码是单字母(简单替换)密码的名称,在加密后,正常的单词划分和标点符号保持不变。 每个明文字母都由不相同的不同密文字母替换。 “贵族”这个名字可能起源于美国密码协会的原始成员。 程序数据库中有400多个报价,或多或少地在硬,中,轻难程度之间平均分配。 玩家可以选择他想玩的难度级别。 难度级别是根据每个引号中的字符数任意分配的。 那些字符较少的人属于困难类别,而那些字符最多的人属于易类别。 报价是从每个级别中随机选择的,并在显示给玩家之前用随机键加密。 这样,即使偶然,相同的密码会多次被提供给玩家,而程序会使用不同的随机密钥对其进行加密。 已针对以下设备发布和测试:Android 2.1和更高版本屏幕分辨率480x800版本:1.0.0-初始版本版本:1.1.0-已更新以处理某些Android设备上的SQL异常版本:1.2.0-现在Del和Space键都删除了不需要的纯文本条目 :1.3.0-修复了以下问题:当方向发生更改时,将重新加密当前游戏的密文(仍然是同一作者),并删除现有的纯文本解决方案。 有关指导性教程,请访问: = 26计划的增强功能:-定时播放-多个播放器-背景音乐-互联网竞争和排名错误报告:除了任何错误消息外,还请包括手机制造商 ,设备版本和android版本。

Aristocrat cryptogram is the name given to a mono-alphabetic (simple substitution) cipher where the normal word divisions and punctuation are maintained after encipherment. Each plaintext letter is replaced by a different ciphertext letter not equal to itself. The name "Aristocrat" probably originated from the original members of the American Cryptogram Association. There are over 400 quotations in the program database, divided, more or less, evenly between hard, medium and easy levels of difficulty. The player can chose which level of difficulty he would like to play. The difficulty levels are arbitrarily assigned based on the number of characters in each quote. Those with fewer characters falling into the hard category and those with the most characters falling into the easy category. The quotations are chosen by random from each level and enciphered with a random key before being displayed to the player. This way, even if by chance, the same cryptogram is offered to the player more than once it will have been enciphered with a different random key by the program. Released and tested for:Android 2.1 and higherScreen Resolution 480x800 Ver: 1.0.0 - initial releaseVer: 1.1.0 - Updated to handle SQL exceptions on certain Android devices.Ver: 1.2.0 - Now both Del and Space keys remove unwanted plaintext entryVer: 1.3.0 - Fixed the problem, that when there was an orientation change the current game's ciphertext was re-enciphered (still the same author) and the existing plaintext solution was deleted. For a guided tutorial visit: Planned Enhancements:- Timed play- Multiple players- Background music- Internet competition and ranking Bugs reports: In addition to any error messages, please include the phone manufacture, device version and android version.

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大小:2MB 类型:游戏  - 休闲益智 版本:5.28.87高级版

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适配android 9.0系统;

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5.28.87高级版游戏配置-苹果需要iPhone 12 Pro及以上机型,安卓机型版本在8.0以上,运行内存ARM1.5GB或更高!


安卓玩家: 品牌 :OPPO K7,vivo S5 处理器(cpu):天玑720,骁龙845,骁龙660,helio x20,海思 Kirin 970,曦力x20 运行内存(ARM):2GB,2.5GB,1.5GB,3GB,2GB,6GB 苹果玩家: ios平台玩家,需要iPhone 12 mini或版本更高的机型

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